Szkolenie międzynarodowe Y.E.A.Y

Training Course “YEAY: Youth workers Engage All Youngsters”

The Training Course is funded by the European Commission under Erasmus+ Programme


IEEN, an NGO based in Cyprus, coordinates the Training Course YEAY: Youth workers Engage All Youngsters” to be implemented in Larnaca, from 3rd – 11th of October 2015, under the Key Action 1 of the European Programme Erasmus+. The Training Course brings together 28 young people from 7 European Countries (Cyprus, Romania, Spain, Belgium, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland).

The NGOs involved in the implementation of the project recognize that the overall percentage of youth participation in the various activities of Erasmus+ should be higher. This is based on the following facts: Although hundreds of Erasmus+ projects are implemented every year, many NGOs face difficulties in finding young people to participate. In addition, even though the vast majority of NGOs have young people as member/volunteers, young people never have a crucial role in the writing of Erasmus+ applications. Lastly, even though young people are characterized by creativity and imagination, they can hardly get the initiative and transform their ideas into action under the Erasmus+.

Have we ever wondered what deters young people from having active involvement in Erasmus+? The solution to this issue might not be located at young people themselves but to youth workers whose primary aim is to mobilize young people.

Our purpose, through the Project YEAY, is to provide training to youth workers in order to become the driving force for the active involvement of young people in Erasmus+. The main objectives of the Training Course are presented below.

By the end of the project, the 28 participants will:

1) Gain more knowledge about what are young people (13-30) needs, what are their desires, how they can be motivated and attracted to participate in more voluntary activities. 

2) Gain more skills how to build attractive messages for young people, how to use the internet to attract young people, how to use methods based on non-formal education in order to attract more young people in their activities, how to make a needs research, how to better communicate with young people and the use of assertive communication.

3) Understand better the young people needs, their way of thinking and their desires; they will also be more emphatic regarding young people and willing to focus their work on encouraging young people to be more actively involved in the society, they will have fewer prejudices and stereotypes about young people way of acting and thinking.

In order to effectively address the above objectives, we will implement activities mainly derived from non-formal education. A key role in the implementation of the Project carries the visit at a High School in Larnaca where the 28 youth workers will be given the opportunity to (a) raise awareness to the students about the importance of Erasmus+ and (b) study the needs and desires of young people aiming at exploring those means by which young people could be more enthusiastic in Erasmus+ projects.

The Project YEAY is implemented by the following 7 NGOs: IEEN (Cyprus), Halk Egitim Merkezi (Turkey), Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Niemozliwych "Motyka" (Poland), Escola de Cinema RIU RAU (Spain), Groep INTRO vzw (Belgium), ASK Yourself (Romania), (Czech Republich).

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